GSC™ Secubit Ltd. Shots Counter

The GSC™ is a new revolutionary system that enables the real-time recording and storing of gunfire data. The GSC™ is based on measuring energy along time, fitted with advanced software that automatically collects and stores gunfire data, making it available for off-line analysis of the user and the weapon performances. The GSC™ distinguishes between shots, cocking of the gun and other events that should be recorded. The data can be easily viewed in a computer, tablet or mobile phone which is connected to the GSC™.
The light weight device (GSC™) provides you with the capability of a true "black-box" for your gun.
New gun types can be added by the Advanced Tuning Data Retriever - a unique application for retrieving the necessary data for tuning the GSC™ to new guns that are not in Secubit's database and for improving your GSC™ accuracy when needed.

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Counting The Shots

The GSC™ records every shot of your gun:

  • The GSC™ lets you know how many rounds you have fired - assisting you in planning maintenance activities.
  • The GSC™ tracks your pace of fire - helping you improve your firing skills.
  • In the Android application, the location (as retrieved from the Android device GPS) can be attached to the recordings.

The recorded shot may be a single shot or part of a burst of shots. More than 10 million shots can be recorded and saved. The recorded time of the shot is accurate up to a millisecond, which is useful for analyzing your shooting performance.
Since the cockings have an effect on the life-time of parts of the gun, the GSC™ also counts cockings of the gun.
When you connect the GSC™ to a PC, tablet or an Android phone, the shots are uploaded to the device and stored in a local database, allowing off-line analysis. You can clear the GSCo™ memory from time to time and thus reduce the time needed to synchronize (read) the GSC™ with the device.

Analyze Shot Reports

The shots are analyzed in the application (running on a PC, tablet or Android phone). The application displays all your shots, per each gun you have, grouped by day. You can add notes to the shots, and this may help you track your shooting activity.
The application displays the time difference between consecutive shots – you can track your improvement in your speed of firing.
The energy recordings of the GSC™ are used to generate alerts concerning ammunition and gun parts.

Share Your Shots

The Android application enables you to share all your firing accomplishments with your friends – through Facebook, What's Up and any other social application installed on your device (tablet or Android phone).