Weapon Logic: Increase weapon readiness while saving time and money

Designed to military specifications (MIL-SPEC), Weapon Logic is a revolutionary system that provides a 360-degree view of the weapon state for the most effective maintenance activities and maximum weapon readiness. It leverages the latest state of the art technology combining our patented smart shot counters, with handheld readers and the Weapon Logic Arsenal monitoring and analytics dashboard

Proven technology deployed worldwide

The weapon logic system is the most widely deployed weapon readiness and maintenance system worldwide. Among our customers:

Revolutionizing armories with smart technology

  • Fast analysis – a comprehensive weapon health report in less than 3 seconds

  • Easy to use – Simple & intuitive user interface

  • Tailored maintenance protocols – never under- or over-perform a maintenance job

  • Predictive diagnosis – preemptive maintenance to avoid catastrophes in the field

  • Fast weapon registration – effective and failsafe registration process

  • Digital records and history – all in one place, no more paper notes

  • Improve shooter readiness – track and monitor shooter profile

  • Optimize procurement and part management

  • Fully customizable to your needs – including integration with your existing data systems