About WL™Weapon Logic

The WL-Counter™ is especially designed to meet the requirements of the gun:

  • WL™ for the Universal Picatinny Mount is suited to record both single and fully automatic shots (more than 15 rounds per second).

  • WL™ for the Universal Picatinny Mount is robustly designed to stand the environment conditions and the operations typical of using the gun.

  • It is light-weight (24 gr) and has no noticeable effect on the operation of the gun.

Installing WL™ on Universal Picatinny Mount

Installing WL™ on Universal Picatinny Mount

Hold the GSC™, with the arrow facing forward and place it on a top rail:

Please note! The GSC™ may not record all shots if it is installed on any rail other than the top rail.
The GSC™ must be mounted very tightly on the weapon’s rail for it to function properly. It is recommended to be installed on the upper rail. For optimal results (above 95% accuracy) the GSC™ should be securely mounted to the rear part of the upper rail (nearer to the sight).
If you are unable to mount the GSC™ in this optimal position, use the computer application to increase or decrease the sensitivity of the GSC™ until you find an optimal setting which records all rounds fired.
Optimal results will be achieved only if the GS-Counter is secured as described above.
Lock the GSC™ to the rail using the Allen key (included in the package):

Removing the WL™ unit before cleaning the weapon

Unlock the GSC™ from the rail using the Allen key (found in the package).
Once you have finished cleaning the gun, re-install the GSC™, as described in How to Install the GSC™ section.