Currently, the supported guns are:
• Glock 17
• Glock 18
• Glock 19
• AR-15
Using the GSC™ with other types of guns is not guaranteed to accurately record the shots. Secubit Ltd. is planning to add more gun types to this list in the near future. Stay tuned!
In the mean time – contact us. We may be able to add you gun type quite quickly.

Secubit Ltd. is planning to add an application for iPhone devices in the near future. Stay tuned!

Listen while connecting the gun to the device. If you hear only the Windows sound while connecting a USB device (by default – two muffled tones) – this may indicate that the USB port has a temporary problem. To verify it – open the Device Manager and look in the Ports branch, A port with a problem will be designated with a yellow triangle. Rebooting the PC usually solves the problem.
Another possibility is that the battery has drained completely. In this case – replace it.
The connecting cables may also be the source of the problem – try to use a different cable.
(Windows) When you plug the weapon for the first time to the PC, the driver is automatically installed (there is a small notice on the left-hand corner of the screen). It takes some time, in which the application waits for the installation to finish. You may have not noticed that this is what has been happening. Try again to plug-in the weapon.