Weapon Logic Features


Monitor both Firearm AND Its Operator

  • Unlimited firearm configuration and assignment profiles
  • Long term firearm time & energy analytics
  • Log and track firearm performance and its individual components independently
  • Real-time status reports, in the field
  • Operator activity monitoring
  • Shot counter weighs less than 20 grams, waterproof (IP68 compliant) with battery life of 10 years
  • Shot holds over 1 million events
  • Rugged MIL-STD-810G compliant mobile reader
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Manage Armories

  • High level status snapshot AND detailed on-demand inventory, maintenance, and usage reports
  • Log and track current weapon configuration for better inventory management
  • Task management for armory staff – assign tasks to armory personnel for better and more efficient time usage
  • Electronic form signing and submission
  • Ammunition consumption records
  • Classify weapon tiers based on weapon history
  • Automatic supply management – know how many spare parts you hold and what needs to be ordered in advance
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Simple and comprehensive software features

  • Customizable maintenance programs and hazard alert thresholds
  • Simple to use and intuitive dashboards
  • Fully customizable and can be integrated with SAP or other platforms
  • Configurable user permissions and management
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